A sense of accomplishment and positive forward momentum can be achieved by small constructive actions be done on a daily or routine basis and these smaller changes, these daily habits, these ‘Success’ practises can form the foundation to achieve major changes as yet not ventured into.

First off, for those who know about the ‘Wheel’ of Life or Progress, look at this and the score you gave for each section. If this is unchartered waters for you, create a list of areas within your life or work that you want to change and use this to get ideas for ‘New’ habits that will support you in moving forward. Consider what actions that, if done on a regular basis, would make a difference for each of your sections or areas requiring change.

Try to think laterally if you initially get stuck for some ideas. Look at different areas within your life or work and how others achieve certain tasks. This is not to encourage you to do likewise but simply to give you other ideas to create your own new ‘Habit’. (i.e. Feeling lethargic and need an energy boost so you may consider going to the gym ‘X’ times per week… Set a time each morning to handle emails to avoid interrupting your thought process every time a new one comes through etc etc)

All work and no play may not give you the nourishment you require to achieve complete satisfaction, so consider social or personal activities as well. If you enjoy the cinema, book some time out, not just in the diary but mentally too to allow you the full pleasure. This may not need to involve costs either, how about spending thirty minutes a day with your partner and/or your kids, putting your feet up with a good book for twenty minutes… the list of ‘New’ habits you can create are endless but the benefit can be almost immeasurable!

So why not begin now… Start off with either your Wheel or create a list of areas that you’d like to change. Once you have your list, look at creating habits that will aid you towards reaching them.

Good luck