Are you ‘Comfy’ within your business? If so, you may need to stretch yourself!

What would Neil Armstrong, may he rest in peace, have done had he simply sat back and said “You know what, I’m comfy doing what I do and I don’t think I’ll stretch myself to areas of the unknown”?

Which got me thinking about the fact that in difficult times we could simply sit back and absorb the doom and gloom… alternatively, we could always ‘stretch ourselves’ out of our own ‘Comfort Zone’ and now IS the time to take those risks that others are doing to succeed. Darwin once said “It is not the strongest that survive but the one most responsive to change”. Okay, we’re talking the greater concept of evolution here but, nonetheless, the same principles apply to our businesses, jobs, career path and decisions in our own lives too!

Change is always imbued with danger of the unknown, but it doesn’t need to be that scary a place to venture.

Consider these points…

Take small steps first:

  • Pick up the phone, call someone you haven’t spoken to for some time a lost customer/client.
  • If you’re inclined to let others have a debate and not contribute for fear of your point not being valued, push yourself and let it be known.
  • Review what you know then learn a new skill.

Medium sized steps:

  • At Networking events or gatherings, go up to someone, actually, 5 someones you have never met before and introduce yourself… quick tip here though is ask them about what they do before spouting out about everything you do!
  • Take the reins and actually go for that job, project or relationship.

Take a Gigantic step(s):

  • Go and present to a company of which is outside of your experience or knowledge.
  • Learn to deal with failure (to quote another well-known individual, Thomas Edison… I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work)
  • Contact an expert in your field and specifically ask them for an endorsement or even an interview.

Personalities are affected by our comfort zone and those who have the confidence to step outside of their own prisons are normally those considered to be highly successful as they inevitably seem to accomplish what they set out to achieve.

Our comfort zones are a mental condition to impede moving into the unknown and consequently act as a sense of mental boundaries of which we stay confined and hide behind curtains of excuses for not being able to move forward. To step out of it, we have to adopt new behaviours, new beliefs and this does affect each and every one of us differently.

Coaching to Success have helped people confront unacceptable situations at work, to create a new business in times of austerity and succeed, teams to bond well together increasing the output two fold over the sum of the individuals alone and even someone who not only had to give a speech but to create and deliver a wedding speech!! Anyone can accomplish anything they desire… it’s taking the first step outside of your own confinement that’s the difficult one! Start by taking small steps, then push your own boundaries and with each success, comes the reward of self-propulsion to move up the gear.

Coaching can help you, motivate you and support you through these transitions and if this is an area you are unsure of or feel you would benefit from, take that first step by speaking to someone new and pick up the phone to call us to arrange a free consultation on how we can help, contact Neil (07761 187238) or throw us an email at… We’re here to help.

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