In these times of uncertainty, let confidence be your guide.

Confidence can be portrayed in many ways but not all are necessarily depicting how the person really feels. Most people that know me assume I’m confident in every aspect that they see me in, but this is not always the case. The first few workshops or presentations were not always done with the confidence that others saw or that are run with now.

Let us look at areas, such as this, that show the triggers switches we need to help develop that level of confidence we wish to achieve.

  1. Right over Wrong: Confident people will take a stance on what they believe is correct, however, unlike cocky individuals, they will also listen to others points of views/ideas. It is not a case of simply agreeing to another’s viewpoint but when evidence to the contrary is put forward, they will concede graciously. Others will categorically disregard opinions for fear of losing face.
  2. Two ears, One mouth: Confident people know what they know and do not feel compelled to announce to all and sundry. In coaching, we use the term 2 ears and 1 mouth to initiate others to talk at least twice as much as we do. This way, you learn more without feeling compelled to brag and looking for a blanket of security. Knowledge comes from speaking to those who have the answers without preconception that you know best already!
  3. Help!: Throughout my career, it has been believed that asking for help is a sign of weakness but this could not be further from the truth. Confident people are secure in their own knowledge and unafraid to ask for help when it comes to areas they feel weak in. This request for help quantifies you are not afraid to show you need assistance and you respect them for the knowledge and expertise you seek to acquire.
  4. Oops! That’s mine: “honest Gov, it was their fault!” owning the mistake actually lifts levels of sincerity and honesty in the eyes of others. As well as the confession, confident people will use their errors as a beacon for others to avoid and if the jokes on them, then they will smile and joke along with the rest.
  5. Seeking approval: How many contacts do you have on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other Social Media channel? The more the better, yes? Nah! Quality over quantity is always the winner and earning that respect or trust from a few important people is always better than seeking approval from thousands of people you don’t know. Confidence is about standing out from the crowd and not bowing to peer pressure.

Confidence is about self-worth and belief. We are inundated with adverts on how we should look, what perfumes/cologne or clothing brands we should buy to make us appear more attractive. In reality, confidence comes from respect and trust of others in you and, more importantly, a self-belief in yourself and your abilities.

Remember, never assume that what you know or do at work is less than another. Believe it or not, there are others who look in awe at what you do!

This is but a beginning, the start of building your levels of confidence but should you be looking for help in developing confidence through these and other tools, contact Neil for an informal chat to see how we can help you on 07761 187238 or email where you’ll be assured a warm welcome to discuss how we can help.

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