Partners/Senior Management

If you are looking to improve your performance, raise the bar or wanting a ‘challenging’ relationship to ensure you meet your planned actions, then talk to Coaching to Success.

We can provide aid in:

(*) Legal careers are dynamic, and whether it is a case of moving within a company, or moving on to a new one, we are skilled in coaching through the challenges associated with such a change. We cover issues such as:

  • Change of role e.g. promotion such as to team-lead
  • New partner, following promotion
  • Building your identity and clarifying objectives in a new role
  • Change of status e.g. to full-equity partner
  • Maturing and preserving key business relationships
  • Adapting to changes in organisational culture
  • Developing new proficiencies and areas of learning

MANAGER~ Coaching can be accessed by ‘partners’ involved in management too. In whatever capacity you perform the role of ‘Manager’, you are looking to get the best out of your team. Coaching can assist you to improve your own leadership skills, develop your confidence in public speaking and people management, or show you how you might mentor other members within the firm.

Coaching can put you one step ahead of the rest, and with the legal fraternity under pressure from the likes of ‘Tesco-law’, Coaching to Success can help you find ways of enhancing your own standing in the already competitive market place.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss what we can do for you, your firm or chamber as well as the teams/members within it.

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