Motivation starting to wane?… Here are 8 tips to get you back on track

How often do we have this image of succeeding? Setting our ship’s sails to go forth only to find we run out of wind half way there!

There are many reasons for this. Maybe we got caught up in the excitement of what will be but let the struggle of getting there elude us and our island destination has now become a speck somewhere on the horizon!

How do we re-gain that lost energy and get back on course? Read on and let’s get you re-aligned, heave to, weigh anchor and set sail once again.

  1. Fun! – Establish what elements could be fun to reach your goal. When we enjoy doing something, we’re more inclined to do it. Set mini personal challenges, if cold-calling is one, count how many abusive people you come across and smile as you put another tick against that category.
  2. Positive Self-talk – create ‘positive’ affirmations as to what you wish to achieve. When I ‘Gave up’ smoking some 20yrs+ ago, rather than ‘Giving up’ look to a positive such as ‘achieving a healthier lifestyle’.
  3. Look at the Motivators – Who around you appears to be motivated? E.g. I’m inspired by Richard Branson. But you can also look closer to home. A friend, customer, work colleague, those rarely disheartened. What do you notice about someone who’s motivated? What do you think they say to themselves?
  4. ‘What if’ scenario – We frequently use this tool at Coaching to Success. Consider these questions, (1) What would happen if you do make that change? (2) What would happen if you didn’t? (3) What won’t happen if you do make that change? (4) What won’t happen if you don’t?
  5. Vision Board – A visual aid which uses both the logical ‘left’ (management, written) side of our brain as well as the emotional ‘right’ (creative, artistic) side. Create something artful that’s visible at work or home. Find or draw images and then do the same for steps to achieve it with dates against each.
  6. Assess the negatives – What are your obstacles? What’s holding you back? List out everything that stands in your way, then set about overcoming them.
  7. Support – Find those around you who understand what you aspire to achieve and ask them for their support. You’ll be surprised as to how people do want you to succeed, you just need to ask!
  8. Rewards – In coaching, we find people will set a reward for achieving the ultimate goal. This can be enhanced even more by setting ‘mini-rewards’ along the way for those intermediate tasks when completed. They don’t need to have massive value. E.g., I love decent coffee so when I’ve accomplished something, like writing this feature, I’ll treat myself to a lovely brew and sit back for twenty minutes to enjoy it.

These are but a few steps to help you achieve or at least re-align yourself to that ultimate goal. Coaching to Success work hard with their clients to insure they reach their goals by being the motivator and driving force behind them so believe in yourself and when you need that additional push, contact us.

If you wish to know more, simply take 10 minutes out to contact Neil on 07761 187238 or email and discover how we can help motivate you to keep on track and reach that destination.

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