Derren Brown – Apocalypse… It’s all about the presentation!

Whether you believe in his abilities, whether you enjoy what he does, the mastery of Mr Brown’s Stage and TV presence is unquestionably all about presentation!

So how are you, your Firm or Company presenting itself or your case to the world?

  1. KNOW THE SUBSTANCE OF YOUR DISCUSSION – So obvious it can sometimes be ignored! Research is key. Don’t make assumptions and now where your weak areas are so you can work on these. A strong presentation given with the confidence knowledge brings is a winner.
  2. KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS – As a business coach, I’m always pushing clients to stretch out of what we refer to as our comfort zone, however, it is still wise to know what our ‘true’ limitations are. Align these with knowing your subject matter and your audience and you’re well on your way to delivering a memorable presentation that befits both parties.
  3. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE – as alluded to, depending on the circumstances, knowing your audience will vary from one situation to another whether you are in court presenting your client’s case or to a board of directors or to a team of like-minded individuals to name but a few scenarios… try to understand their mind-set and play to that strength. Humour, where appropriate helps with the absorption of information (we learn things quicker and more in-depth if we enjoy what we’re taking on board, same thing applies here)
  4. WHAT’S THE PURPOSE – You could be presenting a case, looking to get funding, coming up with new marketing campaigns or quite simply (going back to Derren) to create something that will entertain… keep reminding yourself of the purpose for this presentation.
  5. KNOW WHAT YOU’RE SAYING AND WHAT YOU’RE ABOUT TO SAY – Prepare a script! It doesn’t need to be lengthy or wordy or full of everything you wish to relay and can be as easy as writing some bullet point notes on cards. The most important fact is to make sure you don’t waffle on inanely. Get your message across in a succinct fashion, even if presenting in a formal environment, where a fully transcribed document is required.

Coaching to Success have helped firms/companies and the people therein to develop and deliver strong presentations to put there point across in a way that’s befitting the circumstances.

Coaching concentrates on your abilities, the lack of self-conviction and the strength within teams or individuals to allow them to stand shoulders higher than their nearest rivals. If this is an area you are looking to venture into, take the next step by speaking to someone who can help and call us to arrange a free consultation on how we can, contact Neil (07761 187238) or throw us an email at… We’re here to help