Perseverance … The key to Success (Part 1of2)

Having recently presented to a group on how better to manage work in the available allotted time, someone commented on how they started actions but gave up when it didn’t reap the rewards. We then explored the fact that immediate results were expected which brought about this feature focusing on perseverance.

This is quite a deep subject matter. How can you discuss a subject that insures long term approaches are met in just a few words? To give it the attention it deserves, we will split this into two parts, with the intention that you can start focusing on the areas important to your success and then re-visit to finish importing the remaining ideas. You know, persevere with this!

How many times have we all started a project, only to give up fairly quickly? And here’s an interesting statistic, it is alleged that 91% of millennials or Generation Y (people born in the 1980s/90s) stay in a job for less than 3 years! They are more prone to move and find what they enjoy rather than sticking at things long term. Maybe from a management point of view, they feel undervalued or they simply aren’t scared to take the risk.

But one thing is for sure, all successful business people all have one thing in common, and that’s perseverance.

So let us take some tips from these experts and list some out here for us to look at.

  1. Obvious step 1 – Work intensely: Unless you have rich relatives or a windfall, the only way you will become financially successful is to work hard. Malcolm Gladwell popularised that 10,000 hours of practice can turn anyone into an expert. Now there is some disputing argument in the science world but nonetheless, practice and more practice is important.
  2. Take responsibility: We live in a blameless society. It is always somebody else’s fault why we didn’t get that job role or win the contract. Take responsibility. Learn from this as opposed to offsetting the negativity onto others. Go that extra mile and remain happy and focused.
  3. Preparation: Benjamin Franklin Quoted “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. As well as the bigger projects, start your day by planning ahead what you are looking to achieve by the end of it. Look at when you will check emails or social media posts. Understand their worth and if it doesn’t add value to what you need to do, turn them off.
  4. Originality: Don’t jump on the bandwagon as that ship has already sailed! How many more sayings could I use but you get the idea. Be different, Be creative, Be a risk taker and don’t imitate others. Learn from them by all means but don’t copy them.
  5. Mind chatter: some would say to avoid the negative thoughts, that voice of resistance but I happily encourage it with my clients as this creates opportunities to address potential barriers. There is a game we play called mind chatter which encourages ALL thoughts (imaginative, cautious, adventurous etc) to have internal dialogue in our heads but to recognise them and then give them names (such as Brother inspiration, Aunt reassurance, Mr. Ridiculous, My eccentric friend) and allow your mind to chat away with the ultimate aim of finding a realistic outcome.

That’s the first 5 of 10, look out for the next feature where we will look at the remaining five elements.

Neil Nutburn of Coaching to Success is renowned for his motivation and holding clients accountable for actions they agreed to carry out. If you would like to find out more about how he can help you persevere and reach your goal, contact him via or 07761 187238 to arrange a free consultation on how Coaching to Success can help you.

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