The ‘Key’ strengths of Successful Management … Prt 2of2

The last article covered areas in management concerning pleasing everyone and making time for management. Looking at setting standards, being open-minded, communication, problem solving and the art of listening.

As promised, here are the next six areas to consider when mastering the role of Manager.

Previously we looked at two areas that help towards ill-feelings that managers receive, below are another three to be considered.

  • Maintaining the old mind-set – You have moved on from the role you undertook but you still attempt to do the same old job!
  • Avoid difficult issues – Confrontation between team members; Putting off doing the reports; Making ‘that’ phone call; Meeting someone you dislike … this list can go on. Trying to ignore it isn’t the answer!
  • Self-belief – In the past, I thought my rapid ascension was due to luck. Was I really management material? Could I handle this next role? Well, those who appointed me believed in my abilities so look pragmatically as to why you’ve been chosen!

To continue from lessons I have personally learned as a result of seeking further academic qualifications, from experience as well as the good book of ‘How Not Too’ according to bosses I have worked with (and in one occasion, exceeded!), here are another set of clues to take on board.

  1. Courteous & Direct – Refrain from saying one thing but thinking something else! Drop the Jeckyll & Hyde! People like you to be frank and direct about areas such as performance. Do this with humility but also remember the power of ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’
  2. Humour – For those that know me personally, humour and raising the feel good factor is something I’ll always aspire to achieve. Don’t make a joke of the person or situation, but witty comments relating to the issue will help reduce fearful thoughts and put people at ease.
  3. Respect – All too often I’ve heard manager’s refer to their team as Half-wits, or other derogative remarks (I’m sure you will know of similar expressions). These are not only discriminatory but disrespectful. This in turn leads to distrust and further lack of respect. Here’s the catch, if you think that, you will receive that! To improve performance change your own thought process to thinking ‘positively’ towards staff and their abilities. Acknowledge people’s contributions. Offer assistance rather than reprimand for those who are unsure of what’s expected or lack in skillset.
  4. Praise in Public, Reprimand in Private – We all know variations on this saying but how does it relate to you? I have seen people in authority too frequently belittle people in front of others but to what end does it serve? All too often it’s easier to criticise and take things that go well for granted. Consider the way you currently manage both negative and positive situations and start to adopt this philosophy.
  5. Vulnerability – Showing that you may make mistakes or that you are wrong isn’t a weakness but makes you human and thus, more approachable.
  6. Self-belief – Confidence can affect us all! If you put yourself or abilities down, it’s going to be tricky picking yourself up. Whether it be developing a small business or stepping into new Executive roles. A great saying is “Fake it ‘til you make it” or “Act as if” would be a milder interpretation. This isn’t to say be false but encourages a self-perpetuating growth in your confidence to overcome any hurdle.

Other areas to also consider include focusing on the big picture, being authentic and accessible all while being an independent thinker who looks for solutions rather than focusing on problems.

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