The Power of People’s help via successful delegation!

Often delegation can help relieve an element of stress. The reverse can be said when you try to handle it all and everything then seems stuck or at least moving only in first gear.

Delegation sounds easy, after all, you pass what you don’t want to do onto others … simple! The true art of successful delegation is not that easy. But done correctly, successful delegation build teams, strengthen the business, improve productivity/profit making for a more pleasant working environment.

So let’s start by ascertaining some reasons ‘Why’ as in why people don’t delegate!

  • No-one has the same level of knowledge.
  • It takes time to explain what is required – quicker to do it myself!
  • Fear of delegating yourself out of a job.
  • It takes time to explain what is required – quicker to do it myself!
  • Your lack of trust in others’ capabilities.
  • It takes time to explain what is required – quicker to do it myself!
  • You don’t know how!

You have progressed to a level but now can’t move forward as your workload eats into your time and more! And besides which, it’s quicker to do it myself, but I may have mentioned this once or twice before… well, isn’t it? So how do we get around this? It will be easier to break this into sections.

WHEN to delegate

  • Your own skill sets can be enhanced or new ones developed by passing other tasks on
  • Ascertain if this ‘Truly’ has to be done by yourself or whether someone else can manage it
  • A chance to improve another’s skill-set by them taking it on board

Some of this takes being honest with yourself. There may be tasks which take you out of your comfort zone so you avoid them!

WHO to delegate to

  • Check the current workload of the person. It’s no more beneficial to the organisation if you simply pass it onto someone in similar situation.
  • Skill set. Do they have the skills or how long would it take for them to grasp its importance?
  • Up-skilling may be a great opportunity for a person to start the promotional ladder!

HOW to delegate

  • Clarity, from Stephen Covey “Begin with the end in mind”. Insure the person knows when the work is to be completed by. Where they can get resources and what the expected outcome is.
  • Authority – again, make it clear who has overall responsibility and if this impacts on others, make sure they know too.
  • Matching workload – insure you delegate to the lowest level. Make sure the work is appropriate to the level of the individual. If anything, give it to someone who will need to stretch a little to achieve it in order to raise their skillset!
  • Motivation – never underestimate the value of positive motivation. A simple “Well Done” can carry so much weight. Allowing them to acknowledge that they have been selected or promoted may be a sufficient reward in itself.
  • Results – Focus on the outcome. They may have a different, potentially improved productive means of carrying out the task. Assist when required but also allow them to self-develop as you too may learn something.
  • Support – It’s never wise to ‘Micro-manage’ people, but in the same degree, to leave them completely to their own devices (macro-management) with a new task is equally wrong! Be available to answer questions. Arrange update reports/meetings to allow them to raise concerns and questions.


  • Create a delegation log sheet. Indicate who you’ve given a task too and expected completion dates.
  • Allow them room to find their own way of doing things.
  • Explain why they have been chosen. This should be done to promote their emotional attachment.
  • When completed, set time aside to go through the objectives and outcome. Allow lessons to be learned if areas haven’t been done.

Although there is still a lot more to be learned, the above steps will at least set you on the right path towards some of the elements involved with positive delegation.

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