12 areas to focus on to adopt Great Leadership!

I was reading News the other day and it amazed me as to how many ‘Leaders’ in the world of Politics, Sport and Business varied so much in their approach. This in turn set me thinking about this article so, to start your own understanding and development, first appreciate your own ‘thinking’ of what a good leader by jotting down a list of up to 10 words or mini-statements as to what stands out as the definition of a good leader.

You can be a cracking manager without necessarily having leadership qualities, however, it’s imperative that you have excellent management traits to become an outstanding leader.

The processes are the stepping stones to get to the objective. Without these, a leader is someone who leads aimlessly so here’s a dozen ways that Coaching to Success focus on in areas for improvement:

  1. Vision – Being clear and remain focused on final objective.
  2. Motivation – Stirring things up and develop this.
  3. Rapport – Relate. Get engaged.
  4. Role Models – Who inspires you?
  5. SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & time-bound.
  6. Proactive – Set the agenda, don’t wait for others to set it!
  7. Reward – Introduce a ‘healthy’ culture of rewards.
  8. Procrastination – It may be more interesting but if not relevant, don’t let it distract you!
  9. Respect – Show this when others bring forward either concerns or ideas.
  10. Empower – Don’t always take control. Relinquish some responsibilities.
  11. Positivity – Even when under pressure, seek to give positive as opposed to suppressive negative feedback.
  12. Delegate – Understand others can do it too!

Convinced you excel in each area? Go on, I dare you to put out a 360 feedback to all those around. An anonymous tick box asking them to score each out of 10 (that’s a possible 120 maximum). Compare your own score to theirs. If you score less than 90, may I suggest you consider ways to improve your approach when it comes to Leadership!

Rather than being robotic in our methods, here are 5 ways to define a good leader:

  1. Responsibility – Takes while nourishing the team’s interest in results through participation.
  2. Succinct – Relay information without attaching emotion.
  3. Values driven – Acknowledge other’s values while striving towards the ultimate objective
  4. Proactive – Including understanding negative issues raised. Seek reasons and not simply dismiss out of hand
  5. Encourage – Portray yourself as someone who seeks new ideas and involvement. You’ll be surprised as to how others can see things that you may well have missed!

Don’t expect miracles overnight. Remain patient throughout as it takes some time for new methods to be implemented and accepted, besides, there will be old habits needing to be realigned. It’s not a simple journey otherwise the road would have already been taken!

Also overcome other barriers such as beliefs pertaining to being too busy to delegate or to be a leader! Remember, leadership helps you become the baton holder and you lead your orchestra to harmonious music, hmm, maybe not the best analogy but you can see where I’m coming from.

Coaching to success have helped numerous individuals and organisations improve performance by ‘Leading’ their teams and the first step is to simply give us a call on 07761 187238 or email neil@coachingtosuccess.co.uk to discuss how brilliant Leadership results in exceptional returns.

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