Coach, Consultant, Counsellor or Mentor … How beneficial are they?

There seems to be a general misconception that Coaching, Consulting, Counselling or Mentoring are all much of a muchness, but this couldn’t be further away from the truth.

To give it some clarity, here is a brief overview of each:


When things are tough with no visible clear path, a coach will help you get back on track. Through incisive questioning (2 ears 1 mouth approach) they will help you establish what you wish to achieve. Helping you see the difference between a dream and a goal then establish the reality of achieving it. From here, clear, timely actions are laid down to recognise and overcome gaps between where you are now and the end objective. Learning from your obstacles, your coach will help and support you with areas you are unfamiliar with or concerned of trying. Expertise in your field is not necessary (you are the expert after all) as this style is predominantly focusing on the individual and how to lift them to their highest pedestal.


Based on their learnings, they will advise on the best way they believe will help you achieve the objective for you to work on. Often, there will be a tried and tested ‘blueprint’ report that they may submit for you to work with. Specialism is the strength here so always advisable to look to someone who knows your type of business.


Generally counsellors help you overcome historical events that are dragging you back from progressing forward.


A mentor will assess what you have done, demonstrate another means of doing the task, then ask you to follow suit with guidance on how to accomplish the task before you.

At different points in our career, work or life, we can benefit from each of these areas and it illustrates strength in character to recognise that you wish to better yourself.

Often we see those lacking in confidence hide behind a big front of bravado seemingly knowing how to do everything you discuss with them and have always done it better! Some of you will now be thinking of someone who fits that descriptive.

As Plato put it “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.”

Depending on what people are requiring, I will adopt areas mainly from coaching, mentoring and some consulting in areas I am familiar with. As an expert in coaching/mentoring, counselling is another specialist area and best left to those experts of which I can offer, likewise qualified, recommendations.

  • Identify what you need

Establish what it is that you are looking to achieve. Overcoming obstacles that stand before you with someone supporting you as you explore new avenues (Coach). Being instructed on what to do (Consultant). Overcoming issues holding you back from moving forward (Counsellor) or having guidance and shown what to do (Mentor).

  • Who can help you

Sometimes people you work with may be sufficient. The downside is that there is personal connectivity and this may interfere with honesty, especially where emotions are concerned. So do your research, look for those who can help you out.

  • Be considerate

Remember, whoever you chose to help you out is there for exactly that purpose. Respect their time and what they offer as guidance for you to improve. Whatever is agreed or worked through, insure you carry the actions out otherwise you simply waste their, and more importantly, your own time and money.

Coaching to Success are here to help you either directly or through recommendations. For you to really start on your new path of success, first contact Neil on 07761 187238 or email where you’ll be assured a warm welcome to discuss how we can help.

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