We were recently approached by a client who was looking to improve their team by appointing a couple of leaders to insure the organisation’s vision was carried out.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that not all MANAGERS are, or even make, good LEADERS! Management is the process or method; it’s all about getting things done. Leadership is about getting others to do what’s needed. This then brought to our attention that some simple guidelines may be beneficial to those, such as yourself, that read these fortnightly blogs, so here are some little pointers to help you understand the role of a ‘Leader’ or at least remind you of some of them. 

  1. Focus, with positive expectations, on your team
  2. You are realistic (in areas of the desired goal/outcome, own capabilities and those of the team members)
  3. Develop and maintain a clear vision of expectations and goals
  4. Understand that your people are key with regards the context of this vision
  5. Trust in your people to empower them to turn this vision into one of reality
  6. Set an excellent personal example in the workplace
  7. Continually maintain the highest integrity at all times 

Now with regards the activities involved, consider how you relate to the following aspects and how you could modify the way you do things currentlyto help you be aware of the ‘Leader’ within, so, some simple steps :

  • HUMILITY… Would you want to follow an arrogant person? Then adopt this in your own leadership.
  • VISION… Have this firmly implanted in your own mind and the ability to inspire others will flow from this.
  • CAPABILITY… Are you a Jack of all & Master of None? Know your own capabilities and work to your strengths and let others help out in areas of weakness.
  • LEAD BY EXAMPLE… Don’t criticise others for spending time on Facebook whilst standing there texting a friend about something! Get the idea?
  • DETERMINATION… When times are looking tough, persevere through any barriers that stand in front of you and others will be inspired by these actions.
  • GIVE!… Your people look to you and are the most important element of the business for leaders. Make time for them and let them know when you’re free for discussions.
  • DELEGATION… You can’t do it all, does the captain of a submarine know how to build a sub or does he trust his and his crew’s life to others! Please, this is only by way of getting you to think, I don’t need all the arguments, ha ha.
  • FEEDBACK… provide prompt feedback to your people, without it, you’re depriving them of the opportunity to improve their performance! 

This is not exhaustive and there are many other factors but these should certainly help and having understood these and a whole range of other areas not published here, gave our client’s new leaders, the tools and ideas to follow up after our coaching sessions to insure the maximum benefit for the company will come from maximising the involvement of the teams therein. 

Coaching to success have helped numerous individuals and organisations improve performance by ‘Leading’ their teams and the first step is to simply give us a call on 07761 187238 or email neil@coachingtosuccess.co.uk to discuss how brilliant Leadership results in exceptional returns. 

We look forward to hearing from you.