Let’s gain clarity over what needs to be achieved

So do you or members of your team delay writing a report, find emails a constant distraction, constantly doing things with five minutes to spare or find a task overwhelming and not knowing where to start? Then let me introduce you to that awful creature who eats into our souls, its name is ‘Procrastination’! Want to find a way of focusing and getting those jobs done? Read on to find out how…

The days are longer, which is great … then the to-do lists start: Spring cleaning, the gardening, new ideas need to be put into place for business growth and the easiest solution? Find something else to do!

It happens to the best of us. All those tasks we should focus on completing, yet, we come up with a variety of excuses for why it can’t be started. This wonderful creature called ‘Procrastination’ eats away at our levels of personal productivity. Causing us to feel guilty, reduce motivation and lead to lower levels of efficiency!

For example, how many times do you re-read emails and think “I’ll deal with that shortly”? Postpone high level tasks? Uncertain whether the output will be up to perceived expectations so put it off until in a better frame of mind or even adopt a ‘Last-minute’ approach?

I’m as guilty as the next person especially in areas I’m not initially sure about or not interested in doing but are still important (ie Accounts, shudder with the thought!). But the benefits from getting on and completing far outweigh the mental anguish received by avoiding them.

Sometimes the most obvious way is the correct way. We must make ourselves aware of what they are rather than knowing they are just around ‘that’ corner so we subconsciously travel a different route! So here are my 7 triggers that lead us to avoidance and considerations to address them:

  1. Appear pointless or boring – Look to schedule these tasks when at your LEAST creative moment in the day. Yep, that’s right. Treat these as a relief from the more demanding work. By scheduling a start and end time/date you know there is an end point so are likely to achieve your objective.
  2. Not sure how to proceed – Write down all the options you are aware of. Find someone to take their view on it which could offer a different perspective.
  3. Appear overwhelming – Look to break assignments down, change your self-talk, give up perfection! Remember to reward yourself.
  4. Afraid of failure – Banish negative thoughts. Embrace uncertainty, see this as an exciting challenge. Take calculated risks as without them, we cannot move forward. Confront your fears with positive actions, once that first step is taken the whole task becomes easier.

So what of the remaining 3? These are deeper to the core and along with the implications they could bring, can best be resolved by having one-to-one meetings with a professional coach as these affect the subconscious.

  1. Afraid of success
  2. Resent being given the task
  3. Possibility of confrontation

Addressing the initial four areas will help you to become more efficient and improve awareness of what causes your procrastination. Should you have already achieved your objectives in these areas and would like to explore the latter, simply contact Neil to arrange a meeting (verbal, electronic or even in person).

Coaching to Success pride themselves on successfully helping their clients to achieve their goals or targets. Our confidence is such that should our clients feel that they have not received an exceptional return on their investment, we simply credit the charge in full so no one loses!

To move forward in the quagmire of procrastination, do a useful side track and contact Neil either by mail at neil.nutburn@coachingtosuccess.co.uk or direct via phone at 07761 187238. Our business is Your success, let us help you reach those higher goals.

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