Chris Harris

Working with Neil has been a real eye opener for me. When he suggested the coaching sessions I was initially a little sceptical.

As, after all, I have ran my own businesses previously for a number of years and ‘know everything’!

I knew I had some problems and could not see the wood from the trees.

Colleagues, Family or Friends don’t always want to listen to your stresses and fears. They are not always interested as half the time, I feel it’s only me that really cares about the day to day stuff.

And let’s be honest, closer to home, I don’t always want to burden my wife with areas of my business that concern me for fear of worrying her too.

Opening up to someone you know is hard enough, but to someone you hardly know I thought would be even harder.

Neil immediately made me feel at ease and able to talk openly about my business and the problems that were occurring. It became apparent very quickly that there is very much more to this man than I had first thought.

After the first few exercises it became apparent where the biggest problem was, and that was with me myself. Fears worries, from past experiences were actually stopping me moving forward.

Simply by sitting down, talking and going through the process and writing stuff down where I wanted to go in life and in business under Neil’s direction was a massive help.

I don’t think I realised how bogged down I had become until I started doing this.

Neil was able to pinpoint the areas of my business that are working well and help with motivation, and time management as well as a little more direction and task setting.

He has also helped me face the problem areas, the things that I don’t enjoy doing and have put off. He’s helped me address the problems, work out a plan for getting the work done, getting ahead and given direction, where at the time we started the sessions I was going around in circles not achieving the simplest thing.

I now have more of a plan, and structure to my day. I have more drive, more focus and a greater satisfaction from what I do and already am seeing the positive benefits.

Not only has the coaching sessions been of benefit to my business, it has been of massive benefit to my family and personal life too.

If you are feeling you want to get ahead and stuck in a bit of rut, or if you are not knowing where to go next. Have a chat with Neil. It would be time well spent.

Neil I can’t thank you enough for all your help and especially your patience with me. So very grateful. Director, Fresh Healthcare (Specialist recruitment)