Gary Littledyke

Neil is a super amazing smashing wonderful guy who has helped me tremendously.

I have absolutely no hesitation at all in telling you all what a wonderful chap he is and how very much he has helped me to focus and drive myself forward over the last few months.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Neil. I have found him to be a really fantastic person to work with in many  ways. He is great at keeping me focused and getting me back on track when I start to wander off course (as I tend to occasionally). As I have said to Neil many times over the last few months it feels like some kind of magic or voodoo that he uses on me that enables me to come up with ideas that I honestly don’t think I could do if I was left to my own devices.

In the time I have worked with Neil we have worked together to solve some fairly significant issues I had. When we first met I was only just getting my business up and running and with Neil’s support I have been able to successfully launch a profitable business and I now have the belief and confidence moving forward that will help to ensure Paradigm Evolution Ltd and Gary Littledyke PLC are both a huge success. With Neil’s help I know I can now only go from strength to strength as I have done over the past few months while I have been working with Neil.

Specifically, some of the major longer term benefits I would attribute to the sessions with Neil are:

  • Improved self confidence.
  • Better time management.
  • An improved Vision and Belief in my capabilities.
  • A goal orientated approach not just for me personally but for my business -1 already had a “JFDI” approach

but now I know what it actually is I am JFDI’ing! – Managing Director, Paradigm Evolution Ltd (Reading)