Glastonbury! Wimbledon! How to get the feel good factor within your business…

Regardless of the weather, people flock to Glastonbury Festival for the ‘Feel Good’ factor that it offers.

If people feel good, then they overcome any obstacle or inconvenience that may stand before them. Alternatively, think about the myriad of ‘reasons!’ that are used to put things off because of not enjoying them!

Much like the other summertime event, Wimbledon. Champions are formed from doing something they initially just enjoyed and, in turn, got coached to do better. It’s no different in the work environment either! Look at areas within your work that you could make more enjoyable or at least look at them in a different light and become a champion in your own right.

Andy Murray and Laura Robson are both seen as positive leaders for the next generation of stars Murray Robsonto the tennis courts. So what does it take to become a ‘Positive Leader’?

As a leader, it is paramount that you first look at yourself before you look at those around you. Being positive and focusing on your own happiness, emotional intelligence and well-being is the first step. Another is to look at the model developed by the leading positive psychologist, Martin Seligman being his PERMA Model.

PERMA is an acronym standing for: Positive emotion … Engagement … Relationships (positive) … Meaning … Accomplishment/Achievement

POSITIVE EMOTIONS – If you are not getting sufficient positive emotions, now is a good time to step back and reflect why? Are your skills and attributes being used to their full potential? Carry out a personal SWOT analysis and look to bring some aspects that give you pleasure from outside of work, into your work situation. I.e., If you love outdoor activities but you’re office based, bring in pictures of your activity. Be aware of what ticks your box and engage with it as this reflects on those around you, for them to be positive, you need to start the process.

ENGAGEMENT – Engage more in areas of your work that you have interest in and are good at doing, (on the understanding they are productive and not simply pleasurable). Other means of engagement is knowing your areas of procrastination and dealing with these.

Positive RELATIONSHIPS – Much like having close family/friend relationships, it’s important to build strong working relationships too. Relationships are two way so don’t sit back and let others do all the work. Devote some time to understanding those around you, making this a regular occurrence to build those relationships.

MEANING – Does your life and work have meaning? A feeling that we are doing positive actions is imperative for us to obtain job satisfaction or career development. If you feel your life is lacking meaning or purpose, look at areas where this can be fulfilled.

ACCOMPLISHMENT/ACHIEVEMENT – Achievement isn’t necessarily all about being constantly busy, sometimes you need to step back and dedicate time to achieving your dreams. Coaching can help you focus on achieving them by planning the route. Planning is the critical element here to look at what you wish to accomplish and then take time to appreciate it when achieved.

A lot of barriers that your team or workforce have, can often be attributed to the way that you address them. Harsh I know but rather than encouraging a culture of complaint look to a methodology of resolve and this, in turn, will resonate through the troops as each barrier is overcome.

TrophyAs with the elite tennis players, coaches improve on what’s already great. Coaching to Success aims to do the same and make your business shine above the rest!

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