Legal Coaching

Coaching to Success works to support barristers, solicitors, senior managers and HR Managers at all levels of expertise. We will help you identify your stretch goals, and how you might achieve them. Coaching can give you the confidence to go beyond what you would have done on your own, and to reach further than you thought possible.

We provide coaching in areas such as:

  • Increasing responsiveness and motivation
  • Professional goals and objectives – from setting them to meeting them
  • Barriers to success – how to identify them and break through them
  • Time management – how to do more by managing those precious hours effectively
  • Professional confidence – increase your circle influence, reduce your circle of concern
  • Clarifying your priorities
  • Relationships – maintaining existing relationships, and developing new ones
  • Strategic thinking – growing the business, increasing productivity
  • The art of delegation – assigning work, responsibilities, and getting results
  • Habits – exchanging bad old habits for excellent new ones

 “THE PERSONAL TOUCH” (Extracts from The Law Society Gazettes, Oct 2006 (#))

…‘In the old days, people thought that if you had a coach you clearly were remedial and you didn’t tell anybody. Nowadays, you probably look a bit deficient if you haven’t got one,’ says Guy Beringer, senior partner of magic circle firm Allen & Overy, summing up coaching’s transition from oddball to a key element in law firms’ training programmes.’…

…‘About five years ago, I would have been sceptical of the value of coaching. Now I am extremely enthusiastic, and I can think of virtually no areas of activity where people cannot at the very least be improved by it and a number where their performance can be transformed.’…

…’For Herbert Smith, the development of coaching is the first time it has bought in external expertise, with coaching now accounting for about 8-10% of the top-ten City firm’s non-legal training budget. Contact the online solicitors uk for legal advice.


Coaching has been viewed as ‘soft’ skills training, but there is nothing soft about the outcomes or the actions taken by those who participate in it. Successful firms and chambers hire the services of a coach not because they are ‘bad’ at the services they provide to their clients. They do so because they want more satisfaction from working by design, and being proactive, not just reacting to events.

Coaching to Success welcomes the opportunity to discuss what we can do for you, your organisation or the teams/members within it.

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