LEADERSHIP isn’t MANAGEMENT! (and vice versa)

‘Management’ is often confused with ‘Leadership’. Management is the process or method; it’s all about getting things done. Leadership is about getting others to do what’s needed. Leaders don’t simply instruct, they motivate and inspire. Dwight D. Eisenhower said “Leadership: The art of getting someone else to do something you want done because they want to do it.”

In the world of modern business, management alone isn’t enough to inspire people to be the best they can be. This new business arena needs Leaders who are able to inspire and empower their staff, allowing them to formulate intelligent decisions of their own.

But who do these new Generals of the business world turn to for their motivation? Who helps to dispel doubts in their self-confidence, or provides support as they aim for success? Coaching to Success focuses around the client’s goals as a leader, as well as the qualities they will require to be an inspirational leader.

Individuals are often promoted to a leadership position as a result of success in their previous role. Coaching enables them to work from their strengths, whilst creating an action plan to guide their development in new areas that will propel the individual to the next level.

Whether you are:

  • An individual looking to improve upon your established skills,
  • A business seeking to develop the potential of an individual or a team,
  • Or an organisation ready to explore the ‘emotional intelligence’ of leadership rather than the ‘logical’ approach of management.

Look to Coaching to Success to utilise our experience and expertise in leading successful teams. We will provide support to create sustainable changes to the way individuals lead, provide focus on new ways to deal with real issues, whilst raising awareness of potential blocks that limit effectiveness.

Are you or members of your team struggling with getting or keeping people on board? Are you looking to change or enhance the ways to lead. Do you simply need to find a way to bring people along with ideas or the business objectives or vision? Then contact us now to book a FREE INTRODUCTORY MEETING.

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