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Personal Coaching

Climbing to the top

Personal, or as it has now become termed, ‘Life Coaching’ is all about stimulating you as an individual to really achieve the things you want. Whether your aim is to excel in your career or home life, Coaching to Success can help in many areas including the following: Help you recognise the competencies you already

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Career Development

Frequently individuals have the ‘competence’ required, but not the ‘confidence’ to take them up the next rung of the organisational or corporate ladder. As an individual, you may feel stuck, or that you are being overlooked when promotional opportunities arise. Conversely, Corporations may see the potential of certain individuals, but recognise that these team members

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Conflict Resolution

Coaching to Success helps organisations and individuals to understand the causes of conflict, and to see how unresolved conflicts can escalate. Coaching enables people to recognise their part in a conflict, and helps them search for ways to reach a positive outcome. Involvement in conflict can blind our ability to see in a non-judgemental fashion,

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Team Development

How can Coaching to Success be the catalyst to promoting Team Development? Quite simply, we help raise the team’s understanding of its purpose and its contribution to the greater organisation. Coaching to Success works to aid all parties to achieve a better understanding of team dynamics, and to assist managers and leaders in examining their

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LEADERSHIP isn’t MANAGEMENT! (and vice versa) ‘Management’ is often confused with ‘Leadership’. Management is the process or method; it’s all about getting things done. Leadership is about getting others to do what’s needed. Leaders don’t simply instruct, they motivate and inspire. Dwight D. Eisenhower said “Leadership: The art of getting someone else to do something

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