Service Charges

1-to-1 sessions (60-90min) £150.00
6 Session package1 £765.00 (15% discount) (if fortnightly, £255.00pcm for 3 month or £127.50pcm for 6 month if monthly. Payment in advance of session(s))
Monthly retainer for larger organisations2 £1000.00pcm (8hrs split across as many sessions or individuals in that month)
Mileage £0.45/ml

As a guide, normally sessions are held fortnightly for the first six and monthly (negotiable) thereafter for those wishing to retain our services on a monthly basis.

Skype or telephone sessions are available where face to face meetings are not practical.

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All our workshops are half day activities typically between 9:30am to 1:00pm or 2:00pm to 5:30pm. Combinations to create full day workshops are available.

Charges per workshop are:

8-20 participation £   800.00 per workshop (½ day)3
2 per day – No. as above £ 1360.00 per 2 x workshop (1 day)3 4
Package (4No half days – No. as above) £ 2400.00 total3 4
Package (4No 2xdays – No. as above) £ 2040.00 total3 4

Workshops incorporate combination of presentation and exercises. All hand-outs, coursework notes and exercises are issued as part of the package.

  1. Time Management (Mastering tasks to allotted time)

    • How to relate to time
    • How to delegate effectively
    • Learning to say ‘NO’s
    • Time Management Matrix
    • To-do listing (with a twist!)
    • Electronic mail, Social Media & Admin
    • Recommended books & material

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  2. Confidence (Personal performance improvement)

    • Signs & Symptoms
    • Circle of Concern ‘vs’ Circle of Influence
    • The change process
    • Banish the monkey
    • S.W.O.T. (Personal, not business!)
    • Tools to help build self-confidence
    • 9 Confidence building exercises
    • Recommended books & material

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  3. Leadership (The power of people management)

    • How to define a good leader
    • Leader, Manager or both?
    • Applied leadership qualities & test
    • Leadership styles
    • Beliefs & Attitudes
    • Typical behaviour patterns
    • Leadership models
    • Awaken the leader within
    • Recommended books & material

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  4. Change Management (Insuring smooth transition of new implementations)

    • Communications in organisations
    • John P. Kotter 8 steps for successful change
    • The change process
    • Understanding change & transition (The transition curve)
    • Grief cycle exercise
    • Change & Me exercise
    • Focus on resilience
    • The change equation (Action planning)
    • Wheel of progress
    • Recommended books & material

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  5. Team Development (Enhancing work group’s effectiveness)

    Aristotle: “The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts!”

    • Investigate what difference a great team will make to …
    • ‘Model Team’ exercise
    • Performance = Potential – Interference
    • Iceberg Model (an alternative variation)
    • Individual’s own actions towards Company vision
    • Own view of the team (Picture gallery!)
    • Stepping stones
    • Recommended books & material

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  6. Motivation (Improving the level of determination)

    • Dan Pink Video
    • Johari Window (self-awareness)
    • One-to-One coaching (the art of listening)
    • Employee 10 motivation questionnaire
    • Recognising the ‘De-motivators’
    • Hierarchy of Needs in UP or  Ratatouille (video)
    • Recommended books & material

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Upcoming workshops to include ‘Power Persuasion’, ‘Power Pitching’ and ‘Negotiation Skills’

1 Includes email correspondence and one ten minute panic call

2 Unused hours will not be carried over. Excess hours charged at session rate. Includes email correspondence + Occasional call to celebrate successes or panic call.

3 Excludes necessary travel, airfare, accommodation or other incurred costs. These will be charged at cost.

Four workshops chosen. Select which one to start. Based on feedback, additional 3 workshops to be booked and charged as package rate. If negative feedback, no charge made for initial workshop.