It is surprising to see how even the most competent people may have confidence issues. Even when surrounded by others who recognise their competence, individuals don’t ‘see’ how competent ‘they’ really are. They compare themselves to other successful people, and mistakenly believe that they could never aspire to that level of success, when often they already have achieved it, or are pretty close!

Lack of confidence is quite common; there’s not just one type of person who suffers from lack of confidence or low self-esteem. Even those with an outwardly confident persona may have insecurities which they would like to overcome. These insecurities often stem from beliefs instilled into us by others in our work or personal life.

Coaching to Success has the belief that people can move to almost any level they wish, once they have the commitment and confidence to go for it. We help you identify your fears, and explore your comfort, stretch, and panic zones, to establish where your boundaries really lie.

Coaching to Success can help you to:

  • Develop your inner self-confidence, enabling you to promote yourself well in any situation
  • Stop focusing on past negative mistakes or failings, and to build upon your successes
  • Feel good about yourself and your self-worth
  • We are certain that we can help you to conquer those insecurities that play upon your mind, and move forward to build a more confident inner being.
  • Stretch you out of your comfort zone yet realise it isn’t as bad as inner fears may be inferring!

Just take the first ‘confident’ steps to achieving the new you and let us help you:

  • To speak out at meetings, and be confident about your own ideas and opinions
  • Move towards that next careers change
  • To trust your ‘positive’ instincts
  • To handle the uncertainties that accompany any major change
  • To be at ease in social events

Coaching to Success welcomes the opportunity to discuss what we can do for you.

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