Next Steps

Starting the exciting journey couldn’t be simpler.

Phone to take us up on the offer of a free, no obligation, no sales pitch introductory meeting for a discussion to see how coaching can help you secure your goal, and experience a little of what coaching is about. Selling coaching doesn’t work as you are the engine that drives the success. If you do not feel 100% sure coaching is what YOU want, it won’t work, so contact us to discover if coaching is what you want or need.

Alternatively, simply text/email us to have any questions you may have answered (also, please have a look to see if your questions have already been answered in our FAQs!)

When you have decided that coaching is right for your organisation, firm or your personal development, we will email you a welcome pack, which will include a coaching agreement and details of the agreed charges.

There will also be a small exercise for you to complete that will assist us to have a clearer understanding of your objectives, and to identify the areas in which coaching will be beneficial.

Many organisations that use the services of business coaches, have reported an increase in the productivity and quality of several business projects harmonised with improved service levels. The individual(s) benefit from the input of experienced business coaches resulting in improved relationships often leading to the increase in productivity and quality.

The secret to the enhanced quality of work leading to the profit of the organisation lies in allowing the employees to effectively connect their personal needs and those of the organization.

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