An alternative ‘Coach’ to ‘driving’ your career forward…

Everyone experiences a moment in their career path that raises questions about whether they are suited to the role they are in, whether they wish to continue in the organisation they are currently working for or the fact that we sometimes simply feel stuck, not progressing as others appear to move forward.

There are two types of coach … one has wheels and transports you to your destination, the other has belief in you reaching your destination by your own actions. In case you were wondering, I’m the latter!

So how can I help you drive yourself forward? Read on for some useful guidelines that will start this journey.

Firstly, look at your situation from an outsider’s perspective and then ask yourself:

  • How do you see this person in relationship to their job/role
  • What could they do to better themselves
  • Where do they need to go to carry out this improvement
  • Who can they call upon, use, hire to help this improvement happen

Look at things objectively and attempt to move your emotional self away from the equation.

Consider these areas:

  • How has my career progressed
  • Where is my career path heading
  • How is my relationship with my line manager
  • What is my fit within the company
  • What opportunities for career development are there within the organisation (Think objectively and realistically, which can be hard if you dislike your current role)
  • What do I anticipate my place to be within 5 years’ time

From here, list what you believe to be your Strengths. What areas in your life are you proud of and what are your good qualities.

Ascertain what Weaknesses you may have. What areas need to be worked on or improved?

Establish what Opportunities are there for you or that appear interesting. What openings are there within your own business? What associations or network groups that you could explore?

Consider what Threats there are outside of your control but be truthful about whether you can change that outcome? How strong is the likelihood that this will affect your objective and what can you do about it?

It would help to ask others to contribute to your SWOT analysis. Ask friends, Family and work colleagues. State you are looking to improve and understand that this could be a useful tool to help you along the way. If you are looking to develop within the organisation, let the relevant parties who can help you along this path know and ask them.

Now look to set goals relating to your future journey:

  • What is your Goal – be specific
  • Steps needed to take move your career forward
  • What do you need to learn/develop to reach your goal
  • What is your drive and motivation
  • What is the timescale
  • What are the true barriers in the way and how can you overcome them
  • What sacrifices are you prepared to make to obtain your goal
  • Your CV … how current is it and how specific is it towards the career path you wish to take

Answering these questions and truly looking at yourself is just the start of your career journey. Once you start travelling this path, you can really focus on where you want to be.

As a coach, I help numerous people from a variety of walks of life to move forward in their chosen career path both internally and also outside of their organisations.

If are looking for help in moving your career forward, then take the first step and contact Neil at or 07761 187238 to arrange a free consultation on how Coaching to Success can help you. Also, to get a feel for the person, check out our short ‘interview’ video at