Challenge your Motivation by being SMART

How often do we find ourselves looking to the future and imagining a better outcome, whether personal, such as fitting into that suit/dress, or career path, only to find a few months later the outfit still sits in the wardrobe and the CV is exactly the same.

At that time of making the all-important decision to change things, motivation was running wild but as time goes by, motivation wanes with willpower following closely.

Reflect on the following, “A dream is but a dream but a goal is a dream with a deadline!”. There are many other factors to consider insuring we keep motivated along the way to realising your goal.

There’s a great acronym that some will recognise, and that’s all about setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals (Specific-Measurable-Achievable-Relevant-Timely).

By setting SMART Goals, and we can help create these, the motivation can be re-vitalised along the way as each part is covered. Usually motivation loses its way with the passing of time if no significant development has been noticed. The objective may be a long term one such as building an extension to a house.

Consider what is involved. Drainage, ground works, foundation, brickwork, windows, roof, Internal fittings and decoration etc. You have the finished product incorporating many elements to making it up, therefore, each one is a goal in its own right. As each is accomplished, recognition for doing so helps keep the motivation fed.

There are numerous ways to keep motivated according to what works for you. Here are a few ideas to help you:

  • Find inspiration – others who have achieved similar topics. Read features. Converse with those who will likely support you (avoid negative people)
  • Start small and build – Much like exercising, don’t look to do 100 press-ups straight of, start with 10 and build on this. Consider the smaller elements to begin and with each success, recognise and move onto the next. Review how closer you are towards your objective and how much you’ve accomplished.
  • Know your ebb and flow – motivation is not constant! Different times of the day, week, month will prove easier to feel inspired. Know when you’re at your best and channel your energy.
  • Stick with it – writers get writer’s block but they carry on. I sometimes struggle with the flow of these features but sticking at it, suddenly I break the barrier and it flows again. Don’t give up when hitting a tough spot.
  • Change the mind-set – positive affirmations all the way. Refrain from looking at the difficulties of the task and concentrate on what you have achieved thus far. A ‘Positive’ mind will encourage further motivation.
  • Rewards – Reward accordingly. Make them appropriate for the task. For me, a nice cappuccino having completed these features is my treat. One client bought himself an iPad for accomplishing a project.

Once you know what feeds your motivation, look to other ways of committing to it:

  • Don’t do it alone.
  • Choose goals that interest you or that you can make interesting.
  • Announce your goal to others.
  • Break the goal into manageable components.
  • Plot the progress.
  • Look back and celebrate achievements.

Coaching to Success help their clients with setting SMART(ER) goals and offer the support to insure the motivation doesn’t lose sight of the overall objective. If you or your team are looking for that motivation, contact Neil on 07761 187238 or email who, with tools and techniques, can assure you of a smoother, quicker transition of change for the positive.

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