Finding that internal Motivator

I was recently asked to do a presentation for a group of business professionals based on the subject of improving the level of determination, or as we would refer to it ‘Motivation’.

Those who know me often comment on how motivated I am. Those who know me well will know this hasn’t always been the case. Pressures of work, those who influence moods, lack of direction are all contributing factors to how I was affected. In today’s climate, so many people, possibly including yourself or those you work with, feel pressured through work or personal issues.

How do we address this? Self-motivation is complex, but there are four main factors acting as the driving force behind the drop in motivation.

  • Confidence
  • Positive thinking
  • Focused and Tangible goal setting
  • Motivating environment

It is vital to consider all four to drive self-motivation forward.


Exercises to help boost this:

  1. BREATHE: When you are nervous, you should not talk, but breathe until you calm down.
  2. GET A NOTEBOOK: Record all the positive items that you manage to do.
  3. BODY LANGUAGE: Eyes forward, back straight, keeping your head high.
  4. SET GOALS: If you do not have goals then how can you know where you are going. Set goals in every area of your life. Every area! Work, personal & social life, health and fitness, and every area that is important to you.
  5. EXPAND: One of the simplest confidence building exercises is to expand one’s knowledge area. Find the essential areas for work or home and improve your skillset at those.
  6. COMPLIMENT YOURSELF: Have you ever complimented yourself on a daily basis? If not, set about changing that.
  7. EXERCISE AT WORK: What skills do you have over others and with no effort? Find them. Admit to yourself that you have them, then commit to furthering these skills.
  8. SELF-HYPNOSIS: At night, as you feel sleepy, lie in your bed and repeat simple affirmations along the lines “I can do anything. Anything. Anything that I set my mind to do. There is no one and nothing that can stop me”


All too often when feeling challenged, our minds slip into what we are fearful of and these negative thoughts feed themselves. Look to aspire towards positive objectives as opposed to the negative of having to ‘Give up’ something.


Realise your goal/objective, write it down. Check through all the areas that may interfere, timescales, people etc. Consider ALL options, even the most ludicrous (they may eventually have a place)! Write down actions for selected options that will be most beneficial to act on now. Set a time to START each and a completion time. Be accountable to someone for each.


Surround yourself with people and resources that will remind you of your goal. Which will, in turn, help with ‘internal’ motivation. Be careful not to rely on them. To begin, you probably will. As you get more comfortable, competent & confident, your self-motivation will mean you’ll rely on them less frequently.

That’s the skill of your business coach, to hold you accountable and create that belief in yourself that you can do something but this is backed by actions and plans, not simply the arm around your shoulder.

So if you are prepared to move forward and need help in the early days, then contact Neil, or 07761 187238 to arrange a free consultation on how Coaching to Success can help you.

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