Do you need to un-freeze your business potential?

Looking at what the weather is threatening to bring, another big freeze is on its way, but is your business already frozen?

Back in the 1940s, Kurt Lewin developed a model for organisational change that applies to firms, companies or individuals therein to look at the common thread that runs through all businesses regardless of size and that’s the need to change.

Whether working for yourself or within a bigger group, “Change Management” is a common term used in business today and, much like what the weather’s going to bring, Lewin’s model is based around the principal of UN-FREEZE … CHANGE … RE-FREEZE.

In simple terms, the best way to understand Lewin’s model is to compare it with ice. If you have a square block of ice and want one that looks like a cylinder. You take what you have, un-freeze it to make it more responsive to change. Then mould it into the shape you want, ie cylinder. Finally, solidify it, ie re-freeze.

Although a lot deeper in it’s delivery, the fundamental principles are as such…


  • Determine what needs to change … Analyse your Firm, Company or behaviours to understand the current state … Recognise why change has to take place.
  • Ensure there is strong support from upper management, partners, those around you … Identify and win the support of key people within the organisation … Frame the issue as one of organisation-wide importance.
  • Create the ‘need for change’ … Emphasise the “WHY” … Formulate a convincing communication as to why change has to occur … Use your vision and strategy as supporting evidence.
  • Understand then manage the doubts and concerns … Remain open to concerns and address in terms of the need to change.



  • Communicate often … Do so throughout the planning and implementation of the changes … Describe and continually promote the benefits … Prepare everyone for what is coming, don’t assume they’ll just accept … Detail and explain how the changes will affect everyone.
  • Oust rumours … Deal with problems immediately … Answer questions openly and honestly … Re-visit and repeat the need for change back to operational necessities.
  • Empower action … Empower employees and give them responsibilities … Insure you and your line managers provide day-to-day direction.
  • Involve people in the process … Generate short-term wins to reinforce the change … Negotiate with external stakeholders as necessary.



  • Anchor the changes into the culture … Identify barriers to supporting change … Identity what supports or nourishes the change and embrace this.
  • Develop ways to sustain the change … Ensure leadership support … Adapt the organisational structure as necessary … Establish open feedback systems … Create a reward system.
  • Provide support and training … Keep everyone supported and informed … Celebrate success!


Coaching to Success helps firms/companies and the people therein not only to understand the benefits of change but the necessity for it too.

If you are one of those forward thinking individuals or companies who can see the benefits of change but need some assistance with the delivery, take the first step by speaking to someone who can help. Call us to arrange a free consultation by contacting Neil (07761 187238) or throw us an email at We’re here to help.

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