Happy New Year to one and all, I hope 2012 brings you everything you desire whether it be in your work or personal life.

So, have you committed yourself to setting that ‘New Year’s Resolution’ yet? Is it real though or something that you are wanting to work towards, an idea, a concept, a wish? … or, have you actually set a GOAL with actions to achieve this illusive objective. Now the cruncher to succeeding is setting a ‘timeline’ against all of these actions.

Try to refrain from making statements like ‘First step will be achieved BY ***’, and modify this to ‘‘First step will be started at **am/pm on 21/**/2012 and I will spend 3hrs to accomplish it BY ***’.

And if there are elements that need to be continued, set a review time/date to see how you are progressing and that you are on target.

Here’s a question for you to consider. WHO are you making these changes for and do you TRULY want to change? It may seem like an obvious question but for these changes to really take effect, YOU must want to make the change as this is the key to making it happen. If you’re doing it for someone else, look at what benefit it will have for you and then there’s a much greater chance of commitment. With change comes discomfort, if it didn’t, the goal would have been achieved some time ago and you will be stretching yourself out of your normal comfort zone. If you are aware of this before you set off, then you will have a more likely chance of achieving it.

Let’s have a look at this Commitment! Ok, we’ve got this far but what method are you going to use to commit to the resolution? It’s not that a strange question, are you going to make it open to all to see showing your accountability via social networks such as texting people you know, putting a statement on Facebook or on your blog or even stick a note up in a public area at work or will you keep it more personal by a Post-it note on your PC, fridge etc, creating an action list and having this visible. There are a myriad ways including Goal or Mind Mapping for those who like to use both lists and visual aids. Whatever your preferred method is, showing a form of accountability whether personal or public is a great motivator to success.

Although this isn’t a foolproof plan, considering elements towards achieving your ‘resolution’ rather than simply creating a ‘wish’ will certainly help towards a successful outcome.

In summary:

  • Know what YOU want and aim towards it
  • Set a time line of a START and an end
  • Where applicable, set in review dates
  • Insure your goal is YOURS and NOT someone else’s for it to truly work
  • Make a Commitment so that you become accountable
  • Know that for change to happen, you will have to have to step out of your comfort zone

So here’s to 2012 and all that it brings and the changes you will make. I would love to hear from you so why not send me your thoughts on what your New Year’s Resolutions is to be (commitment!) or post a note on Facebook and we’re here to help you achieve those goals should you need that extra motivation.

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  1. Ruby

    Love the blog

    • Neil Nutburn

      Hi Ruby,
      Apologise for delay but I hope my blog about New Year’s resolutions proved to be of some benefit to you.
      All the best