It will only happen if you decide to make that change!

Holiday blues are inevitable if you enjoyed a great break. We return wishing things could be different, a change in career, a move forward in your existing organisation. But we accept what is before us, just ‘wishing’ things could change.

“By changing nothing, nothing changes” (Tony Robbins). The only person who can make those steps forward is you. You can allow others to plan your journey and destination but you do have choices. They may not be easy, but there are choices nonetheless.

I was made redundant in 2008 while working in the building industry! I was also recovering from Cancer. Unable to work full time and no work in my field, I had to make changes. Through hard work, perseverance and the support of those close to me, I pushed not only through illness but also developed in my self (taking qualifications in coaching) and grew my business.

Let me share one of the tools I used to help me gain the focus I needed. And that is a big clue to making change, ‘Focus’ on what you want to change. I refer to it as the Wheel of Progress.

Firstly, think of the area you want to change, for example, managing a work team. Look at all the components within this, ie (1)Relationships (2)Leadership (3)Influence (4)Work skills (5)Management skills (6)Stress.

Take each subject and give yourself a score marking from 1 (couldn’t be worse) through to 10 (Perfect).

Draw a wheel with increments from 1 to 10, being the outer wheel. Divide it equally into the number of segments you are considering, ie example is 6 equal slices. On the outside, write your subject header against each slice. Use the inner circles to highlight your given score, ie if 7 in relationships, count 7 from the centre circle out towards the rim and highlight that part of the circle within your given slice.

Continue for each subject. See how uneven your wheel is, then consider how uncomfortable the journey would be if this was the construction of your bike’s wheel! Ideally all would be at 10 but this will rarely ever be the case. The best approach is to make the ‘rim’ as even as possible, even if the overall score is just 6 or 7.

For each subject ask these questions:

  • What is the Final Goal you wish to achieve? …
  • What are the 1st and subsequent journey goals to move you forward?
  • What Barriers do you foresee that may hinder or prevent you from achieving these initial steps or the ultimate goal?
  • What actions are required to move you forward?
  • What are your strengths that you can call on to help you along the route?
  • When do you intend reaching your Final Goal, what date specifically?
  • When are you going to complete each journey goal, when will you review them?

A business coach will ask those questions you will avoid. We look hard at each area and push questions deeper than if left to your own device. The surface questions and consequent actions you plan to take will certainly help you start that journey of change.

Coaching to Success are here to help you dive deeper and retrieve those answers to help you make those changes more succinctly and motivate you along the journey.

When you’re ready to make those changes, contact Neil on 07761 187238 or email who, with tools and techniques, can assure you of a smoother, quicker transition of change for the positive. 

Having read this, why not check out Neil too by watching our YouTube video HERE.

Wheel of Progress Example