Managers, or even Middle-Managers! … Do we ‘Really’ need them?

Having recently read an interesting article ( by Lucy Kellaway (Author and Financial Times columnist) she addresses how ‘Management’ only really came into existence in the 20th Century.

Now I’m a great believer that management is critical for any organisation to work effectively and efficiently but I have also noted that since the 1980s, the title of manager springs up for all tasks. It then simply becomes a title rather than a position!

As Lucy wrote, “A conductor is a train manager. An administrator is an office manager. A technician is an IT manager” and so the list continues. How many people do you know hold the title of ‘Manager’ but don’t actually manage people under direct government? In turn, it belittles the role of those who are managers while opening floodgates for distrust and even dislike to others in the workplace.

So here are 10 tips to become a ‘Great’ manager with both title and responsibility…

  1. Adaptable style – Communicate according to the style of the people you are addressing without forcing your own preferred management style on them. Understand before being understood!
  2. Unnecessary obstacle removal – Cut back on un-necessary admin or paperwork. For example, do you need a written report for everything?
  3. Pareto principle – Focus mainly on the 20% of your time on what generates 80% results.
  4. Step by step – Rome wasn’t built in a day so neither will your empire! Set small milestone goals for the individuals/teams and celebrate each success.
  5. Delegate – One of the most empowering tools around. Let go of processes that others are capable of doing. Concentrate on what is relevant to your level.
  6. Share facts – And dispel rumours. Frequently inform others any communication that is relevant no matter how trivial you think it is.
  7. Feedback – People expect to know how they are doing, both good and bad. Make sure everyone receives feedback to avoid any misguided thoughts that they or others create for them.
  8. Lead by example – All too often I hear of managers complaining about staff being on Facebook and then just check it themselves! This goes for workload too, don’t ask them to work until 8pm while you leave at 5pm.
  9. Gratitude – A little sign of appreciation goes a very long way. Physically write a ‘Thank you’ note or at least email them while cc the boss or other members in too.
  10. FUN!!! – Introduce an element of fun into the proceedings. A happy person is a lot more productive than an unhappy jobsworth! Think of some innovative ideas, or, better still, get your team to think of some fun activities (some to be carried out in work time) to creative some positive energy

This is just an overview so whether you want to become a better manager yourself

or are looking to improve the management skills of those within your team, Coaching to Success knows how to improve the skillset of existing or recently appointed managers. Simply contact Neil Nutburn on 07761 187238 or send an email to to arrange a free, no obligation consultation to prove that management within your organisation is a necessity and not just a title.