Once you’ve decided what needs to be changed, here’s how to make it stick…

So how many of us have made those promises to change something we do or behaviour we have? How difficult is it? We start with an idea that sounds simple enough but once we put it into practice, damn it’s hard!

Often though, it is more about how we approach it rather than just getting on and doing it then letting it slip because thought hadn’t gone into it at the offset … Oh, and I’ve been as guilty as the next person in years gone by for not achieving what I initially set out to do!

So here are 7 ‘Coaching to Success’ tips on how to achieve those resolutions.

  • Set ‘Realistic’ targets – All too often we aim too high and as we move along, we realise this and rather than change, we simply let it slip by the way or we set too broad a goal! To make it work, set simple goals with small steps that can be increased as each is achieved.
  • Outline what you wish to achieve – To change, you have to take yourself outside of your comfort zone, otherwise you would have done it some time ago, wouldn’t you? Do a Pros and cons list so you can see the benefits and also check what hurdles may crop up? Set out a plan to check on progress/targets.
  • Is it something YOU wish to do? – Insure this is something that you want to achieve and not something to conform to someone else’s wish or expectation. If someone else’s wish, don’t simply fight it but search positively as to how you can find benefits to making this change. If you don’t, you’ll constantly find and have ‘evidence’ to back up these apparent findings, not to achieve it!
  • Accurate and Specific! – Rather than stating that you wish to lose weight, for example, be specific, ie lose a stone by year end. This may seem daunting but break it down into further specific and achievable slots such as 2lb each month by the end of March then 1lb Apr etc thereafter. Now it’s realistic whilst being specific.
  • Become accountable to others – Make it public. Tell family, friends, those on your social media contact lists what it is you’re aiming to achieve and give them updates on your success. As a coach, it’s amazing how my clients achieve what they set as a result of making promises to me.
  • Reward achievements – No matter how small or large, set rewards along your path. When you hit a target, reward yourself.
  • Handle Failings – Remember, you are creating new habits, it’s reported that it takes 21 days to create new habits and 6 months for it to become part of your psyche, so there is a likelihood that you may slip up along the way. It is imperative not to berate yourself over this, get up, dust yourself down and get back on with it.

This is but a start and Coaching to Success can help you keep on track by supporting you and making you accountable for the outcome. We can help you turn the tables and insure you stay on track. Simply start the journey by contacting Neil at neil.nutburn@coachingtosuccess.co.uk or 07761 187238 to arrange a free consultation on how Coaching to Success can help you.

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