Things change… for a while! But how do we make change stick?

It appears to be a human trait that we look at things cynically with great expectations of failure.

If something happens in our lives of which we’ve wanted to happen and worked hard towards with an amazing outcome we’ll embrace it but only if ‘Change’ was handled correctly,  if not… we fight against it! So, how do we go about making positive change that everyone wants to buy in to?

CHANGE, we frequently don’t like it but it’s inevitable and with change, benefits can be found in abundance should we choose to look but there’s more! COMMUNICATION is the key.

There is a cycle we go through individually as well as in business from ‘Crisis’ to ‘Opportunity’ and understanding where people are along this route means we can help them as well as ourselves towards the ‘Opportunity’ whilst aiming to insure that we don’t add further barriers.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross looked into this cycle and it goes along the line of…

FIRST THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL … Relief (rumours have passed, now I know!) … Shock … Denial … Anger … Bargaining (‘if’ I do this then maybe!) … Guilt … Panic (What if it fails, will I be caught out that I can’t do this??) … Depression … THEN WE HEAD UP … Resignation (Nothing I can do about it, ‘spose I’d better just get on with it) … Acceptance (maybe these changes are going to be beneficial?) … Building (ah, this is where I can contribute) … Opportunity (this is good, I’m liking where this is going. This is actually fun!)

Using, but more importantly, understanding this cycle, you can relay different messages throughout the whole change process. Plan to keep people involved and informed. Understand where they are in the cycle and insure clarity of communication is given and to help them through that area they may be stuck on/in.

This is an area where we’re strong in at Coaching to Success but leadership in your organisation may not be as strong when it comes to making change in your organisation.

Think back to the 2012 Olympics… remember the news coverage? Updates on how the London site was actually ‘Ahead’ of schedule in the construction of the park! Updates and coverage about the athletes and how well training was going. The ‘feel-good’ factor that emanated without it having even started! And when we started to win medals, there was no stopping the ‘Positive’ communication that came out.

Don’t assume people know what’s happening. Keep them informed and involved, ‘Change’ will happen without as much pain as could otherwise be avoided. Such a positive end to the Olympics, long may that positivity reign!

Should ‘Change’ be something that you will have to go through or are going through and are struggling to get others on board, consider the cycle and when you or your organisation would appreciate some external help to smooth the way, we would welcome your initial inquiry just to chat and see how we can benefit what you’re doing. Simply call Neil to arrange a free consultation on how we can help, on 07761 187238 or email… We’re here to help.

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