Explore the options before making that decision!

Whether it be personal or business, we make decisions each and every day.

Sometimes seemingly relatively insignificant decisions, such as which desert to opt for from the menu? Actually, I will retract my statement of being insignificant as this is quite an important decision to make! Through to those large ones of whether to move house/business or even the path we are currently on.

What brought about this week’s feature was working with a client who had tough decisions over the direction of his business. Potentially meaning a reduction in overheads, or in businesses terms, cutting staff numbers!

Due to situations that were beyond his control, he was now left with this dichotomy with no clear options for him to take. Fortunately I was able to assist by allowing him the opportunity of clear direction of thinking as I was without the emotional baggage that attaches to the way we think when being personally affected.

All too often we start thinking a certain way and quickly establishing all the contributing factors to support and make this the right and only route to take! However, unless we actually put up a competing debate, this argument becomes more of a statement without depth.

To help view the given subject matter from different perspectives, the Cartesian Quadrant (a geometric mathematical equation) was adapted to ask a given question in four different ways with regards the outcome of change as such:

  • What WOULD happen if you DID make that change? (Visualise goal fulfilment – increasing motivation)
  • What WOULD happen if you DIDN’T make that change? (Identify the pain of staying unchanged – which can be a powerful motivator)
  • What WOULDN’T happen if you DID make that change? (Understand what will be lost the goal is achieved – this could be a useful loss, or a painful one!)
  • What WOULDN’T happen if you DIDN’T make that change? (Identify hidden perspectives and feelings. This question befuddles our left or conscious mind and can provide fresh perspectives through intuitive leaps)

Once we can look from different approaches with an open mind, we are able to start addressing the potential options available to us. As a coach, one system I use is G.R.O.W. which looks at the Goal or objective, the Reality of the situation to give clarity and remove incorrect thoughts created by unsubstantiated beliefs. Onto the Options which cover, through incisive questioning, all possible ideas and then select a few that are relevant at that moment in time to create the Way forward.

Going back to my client, looking at various subject areas, we worked through the above combination for each and arrived at a plan that not only insured the safety of his most valuable assets, ergo the staff, but a means to diversify the business direction with a clear plan to make it work.

Decision making is not about doing the first thing to come into our heads but to look with open eyes at the possibilities around us. At Coaching to Success, we endeavour to help our clients to look beyond their initial boundaries for making decisions and welcome your contact (Neil by email neil@coachingtosuccess.co.uk or call 07761 187238) should you find yourself or business constrained by what appears to be a lack of options available.

Having read this and got this far, why not check out Neil too by watching our YouTube video HERE.