How do you intend to ‘GROW’ your businesses? This Model may help!

Spring is taking it’s time to start but much like the blossom it brings, businesses need to plant the seeds to develop too and, as a business coach, one model we use is the ‘GROW’ model which is an acronym for Goal, Reality, Options and Will.

This is a great tool you can use on yourself or your team as a progressive leader who wants to encourage the best out of those around them. This tool works particularly well when no assumptions are made. It is the coachee who has the answers in them and, in turn, creates a greater likelihood of the actions (a) being carried out and (b) to a higher standard as it is their Goal and not the Coach’s!

  • STEP 1 – ESTABLISH THE GOAL … What is the goal? What needs to be achieved? What behaviours need to be modified? To grab another acronym, insure it’s SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time bound). Know the measure by which the individual or team know they have reached their goal.


  • STEP 2 – QUESTION HOW REAL IT IS … This is a critical step allowing you to establish what is happening now and what are the likely outcomes by remaining unchanged? How does the new goal interact with company/firm objectives, do they harmonise or conflict? Have any steps already been taken, if so, what happened or is happening.


  • STEP 3 – OPTION EXPLORATION … No ‘idea’ is stupid! It may not fit with the goal at this time but who’s to say it won’t work later. It is often the quiet individual who can go un-noticed due to the more vociferous member(s) of the group! Let ideas fly, use a board to brainstorm, write up everything that’s been suggested. Avoid asking ‘Why’ (justification) question, use more of the exploratory ‘What, Who, How’. Allow free flowing thoughts, without fear of ridicule. The goal is more likely to be achieved as individuals take ownership for them. Where there may be blockage, suggestions such as “What would be the outcome if you were to consider…”. And a favourite of mine “… and what else could you do?” and keep repeating that same question.


  • STEP 4 – THE WILL or WAY FORWARD … From ‘O’, establish which would have the greatest benefits. Now it’s time to nail it down by carrying out ‘Specific’ actions, creating a timeline. What is to be done, who else may be involved, when are you going to start. Look at setting rewards for completing tasks or at stages throughout. Establish what will keep them positively motivated. What’s the frequency of review to insure they remain on track.


Coaching to Success frequently use this tool and can be used well by those who really show leadership qualities. As a business coach, we know how to delve that little bit deeper to understand obstacles or barriers that may not be revealed due to the closeness or simple fact of both parties being employed by the same company. Being external, we’re trained how to listen intently and ask further incisive questions to find those little diamonds often missed.

Have a go. See how you get on with this and once you’ve seen the success this will bring and would like to explore what other benefits coaching can bring, contact us by calling Neil Nutburn on 07761 187238 or send an email to to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.

Our business is about your success and your future successes are in your hands so give us a call so we can help you turn the ideas into reality.