Long may we be Led! … As well as Lead!

Whether a royalist or not, you can’t help but admire the way Queen Elizabeth II led not only the country but the commonwealth too.

We all know of and recognise great leaders but how do we become a great leader to those around us?

I was having a similar conversation with a friend over the weekend and there’s a clear difference between ‘Leadership’ and ‘Management’. Management is the process or method; it’s all about getting things done. Leadership is about getting others to do what’s needed. Leaders don’t simply instruct, they motivate and inspire.

There are no coaching answers that can be applied universally because, like leadership itself, it is all about individuals rather than tasks. One of the most simple and effective models enjoys the acronym ‘I CAN DO’.

I = Intention, a clear statement of what is to be achieved in simple terms


C = Current situation, defined in facts rather than opinions

A = Aims, simple ‘chunked down’ exact definition of next outcome

N = Numbers, to quantify the outcomes compared with the present situation


D = Date, this is the date by which the outcomes will be realised

O = Outcome, the way that you will know your intention has been achieved

Think of a situation in your own environment where there is a constant source of annoyance that adversely impacts on your efficiency, productivity or bottom line profits. Consider the options open to your team within the ‘I CAN DO’ model.

A simple method but one that can have real positive outcomes! And a simple blog this time round with the intention of helping you to think about Leadership in a different light. If this stimulates a response where you feel you could still do with some additional support, Coaching to Success are here, just call Neil (07761 187238) to arrange a free consultation on how we can help. What are your views on these blogs? Why not let us know… neil.nutburn@coachingtosuccess.co.uk, Many thanks.

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