Have you got objectives or goals you wish to achieve but are finding it difficult to put a plan together to accomplish them?

Is there something holding you back from taking that step forward? Maybe you wish to improve your confidence to take that leap!

Well we’re going to offer something that will prove to be of great value and to also help you personally understand the benefits of a business coach. By taking up the following offer (with a deadline date of 31st January 2013), you will gain a better understanding of our 8 attributes of coaching as well as start you on the path to reach your desired goal.

These 8 attributed to coaching are…

  1. Enabling you to set goals and define action plans.
  2. Establishing a high level of rapport while working in a climate of trust, honesty and openness.
  3. Supporting you to achieve your full potential.
  4. Actively listening to you at all times.
  5. Using effective open-ended questioning techniques.
  6. Challenging and taking you out of your comfort zone.
  7. Acting as a sounding board and allowing you to brainstorm ideas and possible solutions or options.
  8. Maintaining a non-judgmental attitude, and, remaining totally confidential.


Coaching is based around your objectives and needs whether it be just a few sessions or a continued retention of a coach at a regular basis thereafter. You’re in charge and you set your own future, a coach will facilitate to insure you get there. Generally, sessions are between 45min to 2hr per session depending on the client.

So what’s the offer? Quite simply, it’s a complementary session of 30 minutes that will be designed to hit hard and fast. All you have to do is email us at and type “I WANT TO START A ‘NEW’ YEAR” in the subject line. Enter three separate dates and a time against each that you would be available to call us and like to be coached, we will confirm one of them by return email (options are required just in case of time-clashes).

Please note, this complementary session will be a one-off experience. Further sessions will be more detailed and a set of registration questions will help ascertain organisational needs, some of which may be personal to you. This complementary session will allow you to develop a rapport and in turn, trust, should you wish to proceed further.

This offer to make an appointment closes on Thursday 31st January 2013 but sessions may be booked for dates thereafter.

Take control of your life and your business needs… act now to create the NEW YOU.

All the best… Neil Nutburn