Bring the sunshine into the office!

Isn’t it amazing how wonderful we feel once that star at the centre of the Solar System breaks through and the clouds part to let it shine? People reach out to each other and smile.

Much like the sun, a bright positive environment within the workplace brings about not just smiles but also opens the creative right side of our brain. It allows you and your teams to think laterally and creatively, exploring new.

So how do we bring sunshine into the workplace? Often, as Leaders we expect others to do as we have been led by example. It’s difficult to break the mould but if you’re organisation is heading down the same path, then change is a must and ‘old’ ways need to be re-visited.

As an upcoming manager, I was subjected to the negative leadership all too often seen in high pressure business roles but I refused to treat the people around me in that same manner. It was not in my nature as much as anything, so I took up formal education at the local university during the evenings and became a better understanding manager. Quite simply, to get the most out of those around you, become a better boss or role model for peers to follow. Consider the following:

    1. Set an enjoyable environment – Do things differently from the norm. Have a ‘Fun’ day or a dress down day once a month. Issue equipment relevant to the tasks being performed, ie are you still using Word 97-2003? Daily, place a joke or cartoon where everyone can see it. Above all else, ask those around you what they consider would help towards an improved environment, where feasible, act on it.
    2. Praise in Public, Reprimand in Private! – Too many times I’ve seen the opposite. A Shop manager disciplining a member of staff not only in front of their peers but customers too! People remember ‘praise’ and seek to receive the same reward. Reprimanding in public will only alienate potentially brilliant ideas as individual’s fear of humiliation being thrown in their direction.
    3. Communication– Walk & Talk is by far the best way. Every day, as a leader, walk around your team and spend just a couple of minutes actively listening to them without distraction of emails or phones.  As a director, I would walk through every area within the business and people I was responsible for which helped remove barriers of rank and squash the likelihood of office gossip or rumours by insuring the team know what’s happening. Hold regular weekly or monthly meetings. Invite people from all levels involved. Allow everyone to address areas of success, concern or puzzlement. Keep it truly open without hidden agendas and take criticism as an area to improve, not to launch a counter-attack… but have an agenda as time will disappear!
    4. Become a better leader – Read articles, go to seminars, get a coach, take up evening studies or open university courses (that worked for me! Break the ‘habit’ mould). Lead through enjoyment rather than despondency. Think about any occasion where you’ve walked into another working environment and I bet the atmosphere is a result of the leader and not the business!

This is just the start, embed these ideas into your workplace and after a few months, we guarantee you’ll see a noticeable and positive difference.

Coaching to Success encourages change allowing teams to bond and thus increase growth/productivity. If you’re looking to get the best out of your team(s), start by contacting Neil Nutburn on 07761 187238 or email to arrange a free, no obligation consultation. The first step to a positive outcome is in your hands, act on it or simply continue the way things are.

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