We feel so much better when we celebrate and this isn’t restricted to just personal areas. Within work, how much better do we feel when someone recognises something we’ve done, accomplished or the power that the simplest of words ‘thank you’ have on the way we feel and act within our work?

As a leader, a manager, or a peer to others recognising and celebrating employee achievements or events in their personal lives as well as the workplace can help keep up employee morale and commitment to company objectives

Here are some very simple steps to consider, as you see the opportunity, to use them on your team or peers or, come to that, your line managers and superiors (it doesn’t have to always go down the line!), grab that chance as a happy workplace is a really conducive one that has the same ‘positive’ wave that ripples out as does those negative ones we all too frequently receive.

1st Step: Look for and find everyday reasons to celebrate

Don’t just wait for Birthdays or suchlike to create a celebration. Every month celebrate … it’s easy to find something if you simply look for it!

2nd Step: Set up a group whose job it is to celebrate!

Look within the organisation and find those who can get involved with getting the message out. Find scouts who can report back on items the company can celebrate. Is someone doing a charity run, celebrate what they aim to do and when they’ve done it… create a celebration committee, let others help you find the good news.

3rd Step: ALL employees count, acknowledge everyone’s input

Morale in the workplace can suffer, especially if their work is great but no-one tells them! Exemplary work by a team, in larger organisations, or a member of staff are great for reasons to celebrate but don’t just wait for the ‘Big’ success. At every opportunity, express your thanks and gratitude and in larger organisations, where everyone doesn’t necessarily know what everyone else does, use this platform to elucidate the roles in which certain people or departments play in the company.

4th Budget for Celebration

This doesn’t have to be a massive outlay but even the smallest amount spent out will reap huge benefits in return. Insure this is consistent and not just a one-off but don’t just offer lip service, it has to be sincere and have substance otherwise it will be viewed as nothing more than a pointless PR exercise.

5th Step: Let everyone know through mementos

Take your team to an off-site venue, maybe an annual employee celebration awards ceremony or if a smaller organisation, the Christmas bash. Wherever, create a day if needs be and offer out mementos on a yearly, bi-annual or even monthly basis and give out Key-fobs, Pens, T-shirts, whatever your budge can spread to so this acts as a reminder of achievements and instils a feeling of wanting to repeat again.

Remember how you feel when something you’ve achieved is celebrated by someone else! Think positively of how you feel when outstanding work that someone else has done has been recognised and the recognition this brings! It is so easy to overlook these things but to focus on them reaps so many rewards.

Hopefully this will start you on your path towards celebrations but if there is or are some areas that you feel you could still do with some additional support, Coaching to Success are here, just call Neil (07761 187238) to arrange a free consultation on how we can help. We’d also appreciate any feedback on these blogs as to whether you find them interesting, beneficial or otherwise (neil.nutburn@coachingtosuccess.co.uk).

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